Maintenance Team

Maintenance Office - (785) 484-3450

During the winter months when we begin snow removal from the streets, along with salt /sand applications when necessary, we try to get out very early in the mornings, to assure a safer commute to work for the citizens in town. We have a scheduled route that we try to follow every year. We try to clear the main entrances/exits in town first, which are Wyandotte, Palmberg, Main and Miller Street. After these major streets are cleared, then we start on streets closest to the schools, to allow the school buses and children walking to school a safer commute. The side streets are cleared last. If we do receive large amounts of snow , we will try to clear out the wind-row that is piled at the end of your driveways.

Please remember that even though our staff is always happy to answer your questions, long or constant interruptions hinder their ability to complete projects in a timely manner.  If you have a complaint or need services, please feel free to pick up a Request for Service form at City Hall, or use this link Request for Service to download the form and turn in to the office when completed.  We will gladly take a copy for you and distribute to the department that will handle your request.


Please help keep our City Park clean for everyone to enjoy!

It is the home owner’s responsibility to keep your ditches and tubes clear of debris, ( leaves, stick’s grass clippings ect…) The burn pile is only open for yard debris only! If we continue to have problem’s with the trash and construction material being dumped, we will be forced to close the burn pile.
 Article 8. Drainage Ditches