City Council Team


Carrie M. Daniels

The City of Meriden's City Clerk


Jerri Lederer

The City of Meriden's Assistant Clerk

City Council Meetings Agenda

Anyone wishing to be placed on the Agenda for the Regular City Council Meeting, please contact the City Clerk's Office at (785)484-3450. Such requests need to be made no later than the Friday before said meeting and thank you for your cooperation.

  ACH Web Form

Credit Card Payments

We now accept credit card payments
The City of Meriden is now accepting credit and debit cards. You can make your City Utility & Municipal Court payments over the phone, online or at City Hall. If you would like to VIEW & PAY your City sewer bill on line at, you need to first register with the City office. Just call City Hall, or come in and fill out a registration form. We are hoping this will be an easy process getting everyone registered.


Anyone who has signed up for ACH Online Payments, the process date is and will continue to be processed on the 15th of each month. If the 15th of the month falls on a weekend, your payment will post the following work day. If you wish to sign up for ACH and have not done so, you can download the necessary form on the link ACH web form or fill one out at City Hall in the Clerk's Office.    

Dog Tags

All dogs owned, kept or harbored within the City of Meriden shall display a valid dog tag at all times. Dog tags shall be issued annually and will be valid from January 1st  through December 31st of each year.  Dog tags may be purchased at City Hall with the proof of rabies vaccination's for just $5.00 for spayed & neutured dogs, $10.00 for unspayed or non-neutured dogs.

Drop Box

There is a drop box located on the South West corner of the City Hall building for Sewer/Trash Payments, Court Payments or If you wish to purchase Dog Tags with copy of Rabies Vaccination and $5.00 per dog tag requested.  The "Drop Box" is checked daily and is there for your convenience, should the office be closed.

Establish Sewer/Trash Service

You may use this link Contract for Utility Services to print out a Contract for Utility Services or come by City Hall between the hours of  9am-5pm. Your Contract For Utility Services needs to be completed, signed and returned to City Hall to begin your City Sewer & Trash Service. There is a drop box located on the southwest corner of City Hall for your convenience also. You will have to contact R.W.D. #1 for Water services. 785-484-2883

NOTICE: Paint, oil cans and concrete are not to be put in the poly-carts. There have been several reports by our trash service that these items have been placed in the poly-carts.Paint and Oil cannot be picked up by our trash provider!   Also, a reminder that the poly-carts are not owned by the users, but by Inland Waste trash service. These carts shall not leave the premises. If you move, please leave your cart. Violators will be prosecuted.  If you have large items to dispose of please contact Inland Waste at 785-232-9168.